Benefits of Using the Web Terminal


The Web Terminal allows your volunteers to log in from their home computers and view their schedules, request substitutes, volunteer to fill open positions, update their personal information and scheduling preferences, and access resources for their scheduled services. With features that make every administrator’s life easier, the Web Terminal will not only encourage volunteer participation, but also reduce administrative work. 


Post schedules on your church website

Posting your schedule to your church website can help drive potential volunteers to serve by showing those volunteers what positions are available and at what times, while also allowing current volunteers and Leaders to see who is scheduled. Schedules online always stay up to date, so even last minute changes are visible to anyone. 

How do I post schedules on my church website? 


Allow new volunteers to sign up to serve

You can save time and make it easier for new people to get involved in ministry with online enrollment forms that can be posted on your church's website. MSP administrators can customize the enrollment forms and have control over which forms get approved and when, which guarantees volunteers go through the necessary procedures before being placed on the schedule. Using enrollment forms makes it easy to engage new volunteers and gather their data in one place.

Learn more about setting and making the most out of Enrollment forms.


Automatically send reminders to scheduled volunteers

With automatic email and text message reminders, MSP will remind your volunteers who are scheduled to serve before their scheduled date.  Reminders make volunteers feel appreciated and help them remember when they’re serving, both of which cut down on no-shows.

How can I turn on automatic reminders?


Allow volunteers to request substitutes for scheduled positions

The Web Terminal also allows you to set up the ability for volunteers to request and accept substitutes for positions they were assigned to. No more sifting through a mountain of emails from volunteers asking to see if a replacement can be found for their coming service. With just a few clicks, a volunteer can request a sub, sending emails to anyone who is available and qualified to serve in that position, and allowing others to sign up just as easily and letting you focus on other tasks. 

Who will get a swap request email?


Set up separate schedules for different ministries

Posting the schedule to the Web Terminal will allow your volunteers to see their scheduled services ahead of time, and have access to any resources needed to better prepare those volunteers for their service. You can post multiple schedules and can control who can see each so everyone can see exactly what they need to know!  

Separate schedules for each ministry.


Keep volunteer information up to date

The Web Terminal allows volunteers to update anything on their profile from contact info and custom fields to scheduling preferences. This allows volunteers to make simple changes on their own and allows you to focus on scheduling of the volunteers. 

How can I customize what volunteers can see and update in the My Profile tab?


Delegate responsibility with Web Admins and Leaders

The Web Admin and Leader functions allow you to empower trusted members of your congregation and delegate responsibility for tasks. Depending on what privileges you choose to grant them, Web Admins and Leaders are able to see schedules before they are made Live, make adjustments to assignments, request substitutes for volunteers in their ministries, add notes and resources to a service, submit profile changes for volunteers in their ministries, and even send the volunteers in their ministries emails.

Additionally, Web Admins can create new volunteers or services, delete volunteers or services, and import volunteers from the Web Terminal. They can even import custom fields!

Designate Web Admins and Leaders to stay powerfully connected to volunteers


Control over what matters

Throughout MSP, there are deep levels of customization that will allow you to give your volunteers and Leaders a level of autonomy over the information they can make changes to - with or without your approval. You can choose which changes are automatically processed by the system and which are manually approved by you. 

Turn on automatic processing for Web Forms.


Getting Started Using the Web Terminal

One of the most powerful tools to getting you started using the Web Terminal is our Web Terminal Setup Checklist. This checklist will help you begin to familiarize yourself and use the Web Terminal to its fullest potential, and can be used in combination with the tips above. 


For more information on any of these features or questions about MSP please feel free to contact our support team at (888) 622 - 0949, email us at, or send in your data files by clicking Help at the top of the program and selecting Send Data Files to Tech Support.

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