Exporting separate schedules for each ministry


Allowing volunteers to view each ministry schedule separately makes finding their positions and seeing with whom they are scheduled easy. It is especially helpful when posting schedules to the Web Terminal, allowing ministers to easily click on their ministry to view sub requests and unfilled positions within a particular ministry.

  1. Generate your schedule normally (running the auto-scheduler for all ministries).
  2. Once your schedule is ready to be shared with your volunteers, go to the File menu and select "Export Schedule..." to save the schedule in MS Word format. Or, if you are posting the schedule to the Web Terminal, make sure the schedule is saved as Live and open, and then click on the File menu and choose "Create Live Schedule Post..." (or, if there is already a Live Schedule Post for this option will instead say "Create additional Live Schedule Post...") from the drop-down menu.
  3. In the dialog box that appears, click on the Included Ministries heading. Here you can specify which ministries to include in the export. You can select one or multiple ministries.
  4. Once the schedule is exported, repeat steps (2) and (3), this time changing the "Included Ministries" section to export a schedule for a new ministry or group of ministries.
Note: If you are emailing schedules to your volunteers, you can use the Announcements pane set up an email to go out to specific ministries, for example, all Lectors, and send them just the Lector schedule.
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