Altar Server Ministry Resources


Check out some of these resources that will be helpful as you set up and schedule your Altar Servers:

Schedule based on experience

Do you want to schedule your servers so that there is always one experienced minister to make sure things run smoothly?

Click here to watch our video on how titles can benefit this type of ministry.


Rotating Teams & Assignments

Do you already have teams or individuals who serve at a regular interval?

Check out the rotational scheduling video to learn about giving individual volunteers regular, rotating assignments. Or, learn how to schedule teams in rotation with the team scheduling video

Keeping families together

Want to make sure siblings always serve together?

You can ensure that the program always keeps families together in a ministry, on a global basis, or on a family-by-family basis. Click here to learn more. 

Keep family members from being scheduled together

Want to make sure there is always one family member who is not scheduled to keep an eye on the kids, or need to separate a pair of siblings?

Click here to check out our article on the babysitter function. 


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