Making sure one parent or family member is not scheduled when another one is scheduled


To avoid scheduling both parents when there is an infant that needs to be taken care of, you can utilize the Babysitter option. This option also works well for rowdy siblings who ought not be scheduled together.

  1. Start in the Family Groupings pane. Select and Edit the family for which this option will be turned on.
  2. Select the name of one of the parents who will be a "babysitter."
  3. When their name is selected, the checkbox with the word "Babysitter" will now become available. Check the box.
  4. Select the name of the second parent who will also be a babysitter, and repeat step 3.

NOTE: Because of the way the babysitter function is used, volunteers who are both marked as babysitter cannot switch between each others' accounts. 

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