Setting up subdivisions


Subdivisions are a way to define different roles or areas within a ministry that give you control over each division. 

  1. In the Ministries pane of MSP, create or edit a ministry. 
  2. Click the "New..." button beneath the Subdivisions box to add a new subdivision.

If you have already added service times to the Service Times pane, you will want to edit the services to add in the number of positions you want at each service. 

Once a new subdivision is created, the checkboxes on the left side of the Edit ministry window will pertain to the selected subdivision. To edit those options for a different subdivision, select it from the list of subdivisions. 

The option on the right to bind together the subdivision qualifications will qualify anyone who is qualified for the first listed subdivision for all subdivisions. (Note: If some volunteers are qualified for later subdivisions, first qualify the volunteer for the first subdivision and then check the “bind” option so they do not lose their qualification.) If the box is checked, you will not be able to manage who is qualified for each individual subdivision any longer.


Note: if adding subdivisions after creating your first schedule, you will want to use the steps in this article to make sure you do not accidentally change any current schedules. Similarly, to remove subdivisions you will want to follow the steps in this article.

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