How can I add subdivisions without deleting positions from the current schedule?


To change your ministry configuration for future schedules and avoid deleting positions without a subdivision on your current schedule, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Ministries pane in MSP and edit the ministry in question.
  2. In the upper left side of the Edit Ministry dialog, in the Subdivisions section, click "New..." and create a new subdivision - leave both the Internal Name and Schedule Label sections blank and this subdivision will appear in gray lettering and say "<main>".
  3. Then add the other subdivisions you would like in this ministry and qualify each person as desired. Be sure to leave everyone qualified in the "<main>" subdivision, since this is the one being used in your current schedules
  4. Go to the Service Times pane in MSP and edit your services to specify that instead of choosing volunteers from your <main> subdivision, that you now need X number of volunteers from each of the new subdivisions. Repeat this process for all services that require volunteers from this ministry. After doing so, when you run your next schedule volunteers will be pulled from the new subdivisions.
  5. When the current schedule expires, go back into the Ministries pane, edit your ministry, and delete your "<main>" subdivision. Deleting this subdivision will not negatively impact your schedule, and you will then be left with just the ministry.

Note: Make sure to delete "<main>" subdivision after the current schedule is done to avoid deleting assignments relating to it that may still exist on the current schedule.

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