Manually scheduling volunteers


Once a schedule has been generated, it’s easy to make manual modifications to the schedule.

To manually pick a particular volunteer for a certain service, click on the day of the service in the calendar and then click on the position to which you’d like to assign the volunteer. The column on the right side of the scheduling window is set to “Fill Position” mode by default and will display a list of volunteers who are qualified to fill the position. You can assign a volunteer to a position by double-clicking on their name from the list or dragging and dropping them onto the schedule.

If a volunteer is not appearing in the list on the right, you can uncheck the "Only show volunteers who..." box to show all volunteers in the database. Alternately, you can click the word "who..." in the same area to see the list of filters being applied and remove them until you see the volunteer you are looking for.

Once you can see the volunteer in the list, click on their name and look at the bottom of the list to see why they were being filtered out from appearing in the list. Then you can choose to override the setting and manually place them on the schedule, or not. 

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