Filter and sort your volunteers


Want to filter for volunteers in a particular ministry and add a new service as a preference to their profiles? Or maybe you want to see everyone who is qualified for a special service? In the Volunteers pane, you will see a "List Options" area in the bottom right corner, which you can use to sort and filter your volunteers.

  1. Go to the Volunteers pane on the left side of the program.
  2. In the "List Options" area in the bottom right corner, check "Only show" and then choose from the filtering criteria below. 

"Active": If you want to display ONLY your active volunteers, check this option.

"Name contains": If you are searching for a particular volunteer, check this option and type in your volunteer's name. You will see your list filter down as you type in the name.

"Are qualified": Check this option to filter your list by a specific ministry. Just click on the "click to specify" area and choose a ministry from the drop down menu.

"Other filter | specify...": Use this option if you want to use MSP's high-powered filters to isolate volunteers based on specific criteria.

"List volunteers last name first": Check this option to list volunteers alphabetically by last name.

BONUS: Once you have filtered for the group you want, you can easily mass edit those volunteer profiles to add or edit a service time, ministry qualification or can't serve time.

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