What do I do if I lost my Activation code, or it is not working?

  • If you do not have your subscription's Activation Code or administrator password, use the "Forgot Password" page to enter your subscription's primary contact email address (there is only 1 per subscription): https://www.ministryschedulerpro.com/forgot.
    • If you are not sure who the primary contact is for your MSP subscription, send us an email at support@rotundasoftware.com for further assistance.
  • If you are trying to register MSP on your computer and are receiving a message that the Activation Code is incorrect, below are some tips to help troubleshoot:
    1. Try copy and pasting the text, being careful to check that you are not selecting an extra space along with the code characters.
    2. If you are still receiving the error, type the code in by hand instead of copying and pasting. Sometimes, when the code is copied, an extra space is included which makes the code invalid. When typing, be sure to include the hyphens!
    3. Double check that you are typing in the correct characters. Sometimes I's are mistaken for 1's. If you are unsure about a character, call or email tech support and we will be happy to verify your code for you.
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