How can I turn on automatic email reminders?


You can set up reminders to automatically be sent a specified number of days before volunteers are scheduled to serve, and volunteers can even adjust the number of days on an individual basis to suit their preferences. To turn on automatic email reminders:

  1. Open MSP and go to the Web Terminal pane.
  2. At the top of the Home tab, click the "Web Terminal settings..." button.
  3. In the new dialog, click on the "Auto Reminders" section from the left menu.
  4. Check the box at the top of this window that says "Send automatic email reminders to volunteers before each of their scheduled dates." You can adjust the default number of days in advance that the email goes out for each volunteer.
  5. Bonus: You may also want to click on "Available Positions" right underneath "Auto Reminders" on the left to turn on automatic emails to volunteers who are not already scheduled letting them know about unfilled positions in the coming week! 

Also, you can give your volunteers the ability to request changes to the number of days in advance they get the reminder email on an individual basis. To allow this, continue with the steps below:

  1. From the same "Web Terminal Settings" dialog, click on the "Profile Changes" heading and then click on "General info".
  2. Check the box that says "Allow volunteers to view and request changes to their automatic email reminder settings."
  3. Now when volunteers log into the Web Terminal, they can adjust when they will receive their automatic reminders in the My Profile tab.
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