Send invite email for MSP training night


Send an invite for your training night from the Announcements pane!


1. Copy and paste the following message into a new email within the Announcements pane, and then follow the instructions to add an RSVP.

Dear {{FirstName}},

We invite you to a training night where we will provide detailed instructions on using the new scheduling system. Join us on [TrainingNightDate] at [TrainingNightTime] in [TrainingNightLocation]. 

Log in to your profile online or download the app, and come to the training with any questions about MSP to make the most of our time together.


Login: {{WebTerminalMyProfilePageLink}}

Username: {{WebTerminalUsername}}

Password: {{WebTerminalPassword}}


Remember: you can use the MSP mobile app if you have an iOS or Android device! After downloading, you'll need the following Organization ID to sign in: {{ChurchWebIdentifier}}

A short video on how to use the MSP mobile app is also available here.


2. When you want to add an RSVP, click the RSVP button on the right.

3. Now type your question or use the default of "Will you attend?"

5. Click "Save" and the RSVP will appear in your email. 

6. Preview and send your email when the message is complete. 

After sending, manage your RSVP to keep track of who’s responded.

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