How can I re-send sub request emails?


If a service is approaching and a volunteers' sub request is still unanswered, it is possible to send another sub request email as an administrator. 

  1. Go to the Announcements pane and click on the "+" button in the upper right, then select “Email” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click on the Token menu, go to "Potential fill-in positions" and select the "SwapRequestedPositions" token.
  3. Set the "To" line at the top of the email to "All volunteers" and then click on the "Preview" button in the lower right corner to see what the email will look like once it is sent. When you click on "Preview" this will bring up the Token Options window, where you can limit the date range of the swaps you would like to be included in this email. Also, you should check the second to last option to "Completely exclude volunteers from this email or roster for which there are no swap requested positions that match the given criteria" so the email will only go out to those who could potentially fill any of the open swaps.  Once you do that and click "OK", choose a name from your list of volunteers to see the token replacements for that person.
  4. Once you have confirmed that the email looks correct and includes the appropriate information, hit the "Send to..." button.
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