How can I extend a current schedule or add in missing services?


If you have a schedule already in place, you can extend it by manually adding services to the schedule. Just make sure that this does not cause the schedule to overlap with any others. 

  1. Click on the day that you want to add services
  2. Click "New Service..."
  3. Put in the time and specify the desired number of volunteers 
  4. If this is a regular weekly service or a recurring monthly or yearly service, go to the "Treat as:" section and choose the appropriate service from the drop-down menu
  5. Click OK to create the service and extend the schedule

Once you have all of the services in place, you can run the auto-scheduler for just those dates by:

  1. Click on "Commence Scheduling..."
  2. Choose "Show more options..."
  3. Choose "All empty positions in services I select or during a time period of my choosing..."
  4. Set the time period for the dates you just added
  5. Click Commence Scheduling to start the auto-scheduler
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