Using email templates


Template emails can be used when you want to send the same email over and over. 

Preconfigured templates

MSP includes built-in, preconfigured templates for emails schedulers often need throughout the scheduling cycle. By clicking on the “Template” button at the top of the Announcements pane, you can select “Preconfigured” to see the list of available templates:

  • Introductory email – request for updates
  • Introductory email – schedule finalized
  • Introductory email – for leaders
  • Request for updates to availability
  • Request for updates to availability (reminder)
  • Schedule finalized
  • Send login information to those that don’t have it
  • Lost login information
  • Last week no shows
  • Mobile app available
  • Referral program

When using a template, you can add or change the text as needed by simply selecting the desired email and making the desired changes. 

Personal templates

You may also create your own templates that will be stored to your profile by creating an email and then selecting “Save as template” from the drop down menu in the lower left.


Note that these templates are accessible only to you, and other users of your license will not have access to any custom templates you create. To access your saved templates, click on the “Template” button at the top of the Announcements pane, and select “Saved.” 

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