Using notes to identify volunteer tasks


Do you need a volunteer to have more information about what to do during their scheduled service? Notes are a great way to add context, and limit who can see them! 

Let's say you are repurposing your database to have volunteers purchase groceries for those who cannot leave their house. You may have 2-3 volunteers signed up, but how do they know where to go or what to get? Let's see how adding notes can help disseminate that information. 

  1. Start by clicking on the service from the schedule, then clicking the "Edit plan..." button to open the service plan. Leaders can also access this area by clicking on the date of a service from schedule found in the Admin view. 
  2. In the service plan pop-up, click on the words "Add note".

    When adding a note, you can choose to add the note to:

    • "this service only"
    • "this service as well as all its related services this week"
    • "this service and all other [service time] services"
    • "every single service"

    For this example, we are going to choose "this service only".
    You can make notes visible to all volunteers, or choose to limit them to be seen just by members of a certain ministry, making it easy to keep notes private! Again, here we are only going to show this note to the grocery delivery team, so they know who to contact, but that person's identity is otherwise kept confidential. 

  3. Click "Save" to save the note.

Now, when your volunteer clicks on the date and time of service, they will be brought to the service plan that will include instructions on who to shop for. 

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