Send a text message to volunteers


The MSP administrator at your church manages the access you need to accomplish the tasks in the article below. If you cannot access a feature or are having trouble, please contact your MSP administrator for further assistance.

1. Sign in to your account on your church's Web Terminal

2. Go to the Admin tab

3. Click on the Announcements icon mceclip0.png on the left

Composing your text

Click the compose button and choose Text to begin. 


Each text has 2 components: 

A. Recipients

By default, the recipients will be all volunteers in your ministries (ministries where you are declared a Ministry Leader). You can remove this option by clicking the x, and then choose from a drop down of all of your ministries to send to just one ministry, or being typing the names of individuals who you want included in your message. 

You can further limit recipients using the "But only send to volunteers who pass this filter" box to apply filters. 

B. Message

This will be the content of your message. 

Sending your text

Once you have composed your message, click the Preview button to see what the text  will look like and who it will go to. 


Once you like the way your message looks, click "Send # texts" to send those volunteers the text shown in the preview. 

Alternately, you can choose "Save as draft" to save the message until you are ready to send it. 

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