Flagging volunteer attendance


The MSP administrator at your church manages the access you need to accomplish the tasks in the article below. If you cannot access a feature or are having trouble, please contact your MSP administrator for further assistance.

1. Sign in to your account on your church's Web Terminal

2. Go to the Admin tab

3. Click on the day of the service

4. Select the volunteer you want flagged

5. Click the flag icon to the far right of the volunteer name and select from the following: 


Flag as sub requested...
This option allows you to mark a volunteer as swap requested and optionally send swap request emails to others in that ministry. 

Flag as did not show up
This will mark that volunteer as having not shown up, allowing easy tracking and follow up via email. 

Flag as extra
This will indicate the volunteer served when not originally assigned, going above and beyond in their role. 

Clear flag
This will remove any of the flags above. 

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