Sending emails using filters


The MSP administrator at your church manages the access you need to accomplish the tasks in the article below. If you cannot access a feature or are having trouble, please contact your MSP administrator for further assistance.

1. Sign in to your account on your church's Web Terminal

2. Go to the Admin tab

3. Click on the Announcements icon mceclip0.png on the left

4. Click Compose to create a new text or email announcement

5. Check the box that reads "But only send to volunteers who pass | this filter"

6. Once this box opens, you have a large variety of options for filtering that can be used independently or stacked: 


NoteCustom fields are set up by the MSP admin at your church and are only available with the Plus edition. You may not have custom fields at your church. 

7. Click OK to apply your filter. 

8. Preview the announcement. In the list on the left, only the volunteers who pass the filter you set up will receive the email or text announcement. 

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