What is a Live Schedule Post?


A Live Schedule Post is the view of the schedule your volunteers see on the Web Terminal in the Full Schedules tab. You can make one Live Schedule Post that shows your entire schedule, or you can create separate Live Schedule Posts so that volunteers only see part of the schedule that is relevant to them. A Live Schedule Post can also be posted to your church's website to be seen by anyone. 


When you first make a schedule Live, you will also be prompted to create a Live Schedule Post. If you want to customize your Live Schedule Post, you will be brought to the Online layout and options:

You can learn more about the options by watching this video on Printing and Posting Schedules.

In the MSP desktop software, additional Live Schedule Posts can be created from the File menu of a schedule or by going to the Full Schedules tab of the Web Terminal pane.  In the Admin view of the Web Terminal, Live Schedule Posts can be created by going to the Posts pane and clicking on the green "+" button in the upper right.

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