How do I launch the Kiosk for my services?


To launch the Sign-in Kiosk before a service, first retrieve the URL from the Web Terminal pane in MSP, or if you are on an iPad launch the MSP Kiosk app!

  1. From inside of MSP, go to the Web Terminal pane on the left side of the program window.
  2. Click on the "Web Terminal settings..." button at the top.
  3. In the Settings window, click on Sign-in Kiosk on the left.
  4. Here you can copy the URL for the Kiosk.
  5. Click OK. 
  6. Click "Commit changes". 


Email this to yourself or others to open the kiosk on the device you will be using for sign-ins. Alternatively, you can paste the URL into a program such as Microsoft Word or Notepad and print out the URL to bring it to church with you. On the device you will be using for sign-ins, simply go to the URL in any browser to begin sign-ins.

Once you have gone to the Kiosk URL on this device, you can bookmark the link in your browser to easily access it in the future.

There is also an iPad app which can be found in the App Store on an iPad by searching for "MSP Kiosk."

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