How do I turn on the Kiosk?


The Sign-in Kiosk allows you to track attendance online from any internet-enabled device! A computer or tablet with online access will be able to launch the Kiosk and allow people to sign in for services electronically. If you're on an iPad, you can install the MSP Kiosk app and launch the Kiosk by entering your Organization ID.

The Sign-in Kiosk is available for Plus edition users of MSP. To upgrade to the Plus edition, log in to your account.

To turn the Sign-in Kiosk on, from MSP:

  1. Go to the Web Terminal pane on the left side of the program window. 
  2. Click on the "Web Terminal settings..." button at the top of the Home tab. 
  3. In the Settings window, click on the Sign-in Kiosk heading on the left.
  4. From the Settings for the Kiosk, check the option at the top to turn this feature on.
  5. Click the "Copy URL..." button beside the URL to copy this.
  6. Click OK in the settings window.
  7. Then click the "Commit Changes" button at the bottom of the Web Terminal pane.


You can now paste the URL copied from step 4 into a web browser, or email it to yourself or others to use on another device. Any computer or tablet with internet access is able to launch the Kiosk and allow volunteers to sign in.

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