Shorten URLs to put links on documents


Are you looking to recruit volunteers and want to put a link to the Enrollment Form in your church bulletin (or other printed materials), but it is just too long? 

Use a URL shortener (such as or to make the URL fit on your page, and easier for your volunteers to type in to their computer! 

1. In MSP, copy your Enrollment Form URL by going into Web Terminal settings, clicking on Enrollments and clicking "Copy URL...":


2. Go to your favorite URL shortener and paste the Enrollment URL you just copied where it asks you to. (Shown below: Optionally, you may be able to customize the ending of the URL to make it more easily remembered. 

3. Once the shortened URL is created, be sure to save it somewhere you will be able to find it later! 

Now you can use this shortened URL to distribute to potential volunteers in written communications or when giving it over the phone. 

As always, don't forget you can use this shortened URL or the original one to post a link to the form on your church's website! 

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