Rosters and the Rosterizer


Looking for a list of volunteers names, emails, addresses, or other information from the program? Create a rosters of volunteer info to print or post online.

Click here to watch a video on this topic.

  1. Go to the Web Terminal pane.
  2. Click on the Rosters tab.
  3. To create a new roster, click the "New.." button, or to edit an existing roster, select it in the list and click the "Settings..." button to the right.
  4. Use the Included Ministries section to determine which ministries should be included in this roster. You can create one roster for everyone, or a separate roster for each ministry. 
  5. Use the Included Field section to determine what information will appear for each volunteer in the roster. You can uncheck the "show common fields only" box under the list of available fields to gain access to even more options. Use the "add" button to move the selected field to the list of fields to include, or select an included field and use the "remove" button to remove that from your roster. 
  6. Click Save Live Roster Post when you are ready to publish or update your roster. 
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