What is a Resource? How do I add one?


Resources are files that you upload to a service’s plan so that your volunteers can access them online. These can be readings, songs, lyrics, protocols, or anything else your volunteers need to access. 

From a schedule in MSP, click on a date and then a service on that day you wish to upload a resource for, and then use the "Edit plan..." button to be taken to the Service Plan view for that service.


To add a Resource, click the “Add another resource” button under the Resources box. Specify the type of resource you are adding (file, link, or reading module) and enter additional information about the resource.


Specify whether you want this resource to show only for this specific service, for all related services this week, for this service and all other service matching this service preference, or every single service. You can also optionally apply a filter to show the resource to only certain volunteers.


When you are finished, click "Save" to upload this resource. Your volunteers will then be able to view or download the resource by clicking on its name in the Resources box. 

Once you have added your resources, you can re-order the list of resources by dragging and dropping:


Note: for resources that appear at more than one service, the ordering of resources will be the same everywhere -- meaning that re-ordering the resources at one service will re-order them for all services.

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