Find your Organization ID


Do you have volunteers who want to use the MSP mobile app? If so, when launching the app for the first time, they will be prompted to enter an Organization ID. Quickly find and send your subscription's Organization ID to your volunteers so they can get started using the free mobile app.

Finding Your Organization ID

Your Organization ID is the same as your Church Web Identifier, and this is what makes your MSP database unique. The Organization ID appears in the Web Terminal URL your volunteers use and is necessary for volunteers to start using the MSP App!

Click on the Licensing pane on the left side of the MSP window, and here you will find your Church Web Identifier, which again is the same as the Organization ID.

Sending the Organization ID to volunteers

To make it easy to share this and information about the app with volunteers, there is a convenient preconfigured email template in MSP for you.  To send this template to your volunteers and let them know how to download the app and what that Organization ID is:

  1. Go to the Announcements pane in MSP
  2. Click the "Use template" button at the top of the screen. Drop-down to "Preconfigured" and select the "Mobile app" template by clicking "Use"

We have also added a token in MSP so you can send this Organization ID out in your own personal emails, or even include it right on the Web Terminal for people to see when they log in. Click on the "Token" menu , hover your mouse over "Web Terminal" in the drop-down, and select the "ChurchWebIdentifier" token. 


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