Save MSP roster settings


In the Rosters pane of the Web Terminal, each time you create a roster, you are also saving a template of the roster for future use. The next time you need to generate a report, the information will automatically update when you download the roster. This is perfect for a quarterly report on availability, preferences, comments - anything, really!

To get started, go to the Rosters pane in the admin view of the Web Terminal and click on the "+" button in the upper right to create a new roster:


Give the roster a name and configure it as desired. When you are ready to create the roster, click "Save".


If a Field options dialog box pops up, make any desired changes and click "OK".


This roster will now appear in your Rosters pane, and can be edited, downloaded, duplicated, or deleted.



If you are creating a roster in the MSP desktop software instead, you will need to save the roster settings to your computer in order to be able to use them again.


  1. Go to the Rosterizer in the MSP desktop software and configure each section.
  2. Click the "Settings..." button in the lower left side of the MSP screen and choose "Save settings..."
  3. MSP will ask you to save this as a file on your computer - we recommend creating a special folder for MSP documents on your desktop or in your Document folder, and saving these files here. Make sure to give the files an identifying name, such as "Service preference report" or "No shows report".
  4. In the future when you wish to run one of these reports, simply go to the Rosterizer, click the same "Settings..." button and choose "Load settings...". Select the roster settings file you'd like to run, and hit Generate!


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