Remove weekly services from Holy Days


When Holy Days fall on the same day as a regular service, such as on Easter Sunday, you can have overlap between weekly and special services. With MSP, you can easily accommodate one-time service changes while leaving future services unchanged.

If you have not created a schedule: 
  1. Make sure your special services are listed in the Service Times pane.
  2. When creating the schedule, you will be able to choose whether to keep all services on a day or just create the special services:
  3. Create only the yearly services so the regular weekly services are not on the schedule. 

If you need to have both the yearly services and some (but not all) of the weekly services, you can choose to create both and then manually delete the weekly services you do not need. 

  1. Open the schedule inside of MSP, click on the date from which a service needs to be removed, like Easter Sunday.
  2. Select the regular weekly service you wish to delete by clicking on it, making sure that at least one position at the service is highlighted (indicating that service is "selected").
  3. Click on the Schedule menu at the top of the window and select "Delete Service...". The service will only be removed from the date that was selected on the calendar.

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