Can I move a volunteer to a different position at the same service in the Kiosk?


The kiosk now allows you to move a volunteer who is already scheduled for a service to a different position right in the kiosk to better track volunteer service. 

  1. Click on the position where you want to place the volunteer. (If another volunteer is already listed in that position, click the Replace button.)
  2. Type in the name of the volunteer you want to move. 
  3. After selecting the volunteer who was already scheduled, you will get a message confirming that you want to remove them from their currently assigned role and place them in the new one: 
    NOTE: If the two ministries are set to be able to schedule in combination, this dialog will NOT appear, and the volunteer will be placed in BOTH positions. 
  4. Now the position where you placed the volunteer will appear as filled by that volunteer (and if they replaced a person, will note who they replaced), and their original assignment will show as empty. You can then use the kiosk to place a new volunteer in the vacated position. 
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