How do I create an additional Live Schedule Post?


To create an additional Live Schedule Post:

  1. Go to the Schedules pane. 
  2. Click on the schedule you would like to create an additional Live Schedule Post of to select it.
  3. Open the schedule.
  4. Click on File.
  5. Click on "Create additional Live Schedule Post...". (If this is the first Live Schedule Post that is being created for your schedule, the option will say "Create Live Schedule Post..." instead -- click this option.):

    From this screen you can choose to include only certain ministries, services or volunteers in the additional Live Schedule Post. This can be used to keep volunteers from seeing other ministries in their schedule, such as if you have a private Collection Counter ministry.
  6. Once finished click Save. 

Back in the Web Terminal, under Full Schedules you will now be able to see your additional Live Schedule Post


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