How can I set up Enrollment Forms to capture volunteer interest in new ministries only?


Once you  have added your new ministries to MSP, you can set up your Enrollment Form to allow new or existing volunteers to add those new ministries only. 

If you need help setting up an Enrollment Form in general, you can see the overview video here

  1. Go to the Web Terminal pane
  2. Click on the "Web Terminal Settings" button
  3. Choose Enrollments on the left
  4. Click on Ministries on the left
  5. (Optional) Use the "Show ministry descriptions" to show a short description of each new ministry on the Enrollment Form
  6. Check the box to "Only allow volunteers to request the following ministries" and select only the new ministries you want to appear
  7. Click OK

Bonus: Want to allow volunteers to update their profile for these new ministries from the Enrollment form? Use the {{WebTerminalEnrollmentPageLink}} token in your email and it will populate a special link that allows the recipient to update their profile directly, without needing to log in to the Web Terminal! 

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