Adding new ministries, services, and schedules


If you are looking to repurpose your database for alternative ministries, the first steps you will want to take are adding those ministries and services, and also make sure to temporarily deactivate the existing services. Here is how: 

Create new ministries

  1. Go to the Ministries pane.
  2. Click New Ministry and name it.
  3. If you want all of your existing volunteers qualified to serve in this new way, you can add them using the qualified volunteers box on the right. Just click Add and select everyone in the list using the Shift key. 
  4. Click OK to save the new ministry. 
  5. Repeat as necessary

Bonus: If you have the Plus edition, use folders to help separate your regular Sunday ministries from those used for community support!



Make cancelled services inactive

For the services that are postponed, you can edit the existing service and click "Make this service inactive for now (don't schedule)." This will leave the services off of any new schedules you create. 


Once services resume, you can uncheck this box, and all volunteer service preference will remain intact. 

Create new temporary service opportunities

  1. Go to the Service Times pane.
  2. Click New Weekly to create a new service. 
  3. Indicate the date time, and required volunteers for the service. 
  4. Click OK to save the new service. 
  5. Repeat for additional serving opportunities. 

BonusHave items that need to be taken care of on a particular day, but not at a particular time? Set up a service with no start time! 


Once each of these is set up, you can create a new schedule in the Schedules pane that will only include the temporary service opportunities. 

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