Create a list of unfilled positions to make it easy for volunteers to see & sign up to serve


In cases where you only want to list the Unfilled Positions, you can create a special Live Schedule Post with only Unfilled Positions listed using these steps: 

  1. Open the Schedule
  2. Go to File - Create additional Live Schedule Post... (If you do not already have a Live Schedule Post for this schedule, the option will instead say "Create Live Schedule Post...")
  3. Select the "List of services with scheduled volunteers under each" option from the Layout menu in the Layout Settings section
  4. Go to the Included Volunteers section, click "Include only these volunteers", and then do not select any volunteers
  5. Go to the Document Settings section and rename the Live Schedule Post something like "Unfilled Positions [dates]"
  6. Click "Save". You will get a warning message that says: "The option to only include selected volunteers is turned on but no volunteers are selected." -- click "OK".
  7. When asked to name the schedule, again, name it "Unfilled Positions [dates]".
  8. After creating this Live Schedule Post, go to the Web Terminal pane in MSP and go to the Full Schedules tab. Your new Live Schedule Post will appear in the list of Live Schedule Posts for this tab.

Bonus: If you want to make it easy to find, think about posting the Live Schedule Post you just created directly on your church's website

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