Can I indicate a service is cancelled without deleting it from the schedule?


If you would like to leave a service on your schedule, but just indicate to others it has been cancelled, you can do so by editing the Description in the Edit Service window. 

  1. Go to the Schedules pane on the left side of MSP
  2. Select the Schedule containing the service you want to cancel and open it
  3. Using the calendar on the left, select the date of the service that should be cancelled
  4. Now, click on the service in the middle section of the window so it is highlighted in blue
  5. Click the "Edit Service" button
  6. In the "Desc./Location" field, write "Cancelled"
  7. Click OK


Doing this does not change any of the features of the service, but does visually indicate to volunteers that the service has been cancelled, should they get an auto-reminder or look at the schedule on the Full Schedules page. 

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