Creating Ministry-Based Filters for Multilingual Churches


If you are a scheduling administrator for a church that holds services in more than one language -- for example, a church that has both English services and Spanish services -- there are times you will need to be able to filter information so that English-speaking volunteers will see one thing while Spanish-speaking volunteers will see something different. You may also need to filter for your own purposes, so that you see only English speakers or only Spanish speakers.

One way that we can accomplish this through filters is to create ministry-based filters. Here is how we would set up our ministry-based filters:

  1. To set up a filter, we first need to open the Edit Filter window anywhere in the program that lets us use filters (we can filter from the Announcements pane, the Volunteers pane, in the Token Options window when we are setting up a custom token, in the Included Volunteers section when configuring a Live Schedule Post, and numerous other places within MSP).
  2. In the Edit Filter pop-up window, we will need to click on the "Ministries" filter so we can use ministry qualifications to determine who will pass this filter:
  3. Now, we need to add all of our Spanish ministries one at a time by using the "Add" button:
    When we are finished, the filter should look something like this:
  4. Click "OK" to close out of the Edit Filter window and apply this filter.

To create a ministry-based filter for our English ministries, we'll need to follow steps 1 through 4, this time adding our English ministries instead of our Spanish ones. When we are done with step 3, the filter should look something like this:

If we do not wish to filter by ministry, we can filter our volunteers using service preferences instead. We can also refine these filters so that if a volunteer passes one filter, they will not pass the other -- meaning that if we're using one filter to show something to our Spanish-speaking volunteers and another for our English-speaking volunteers, we can make sure our volunteers don't see the same information once in English and then again in Spanish.

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