Add a resource to the service plan page


The MSP administrator at your church manages the access you need to accomplish the tasks in the article below. If you cannot access a feature or are having trouble, please contact your MSP administrator for further assistance.

1. Sign in to your account on your church's Web Terminal

2. Go to the Admin tab

3. Click on the day and service where you want to add a resource

4. Click on the date and time of the service in green


5. Now, click on the words "Add another resource" in the Resources section and choose to add a file, a link, or a reading module


6. Next, name your resource and add the link or file. Choose at which services you want the resource to be shown, and optionally apply a filter to only show the resource to particular volunteers.


Note: For reading modules, you will not need to name the resource as those resources already have names.

7. Click "Save" to save the new resource.

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