Searching and filtering for volunteer profiles


The MSP administrator at your church manages the access you need to accomplish the tasks in the article below. If you cannot access a feature or are having trouble, please contact your MSP administrator for further assistance.

  1. Sign in to your account on your church's Web Terminal
  2. Click on your name in the upper right corner of the Web Terminal and select "Switch to Admin View".
  3. Click on the Volunteers pane on the left
    Note: You will only see the volunteers who are qualified for the ministries and services where you are declared a Leader. If a volunteer is missing from your list, please contact the MSP admin at your church for further assistance.
  4. You can then filter in one of two ways:

By name

To search for a volunteer by name, start typing all or part of the name into the search field. The list of volunteers will narrow as you type. 


Other identifiers

To filter your volunteers by something other than their name, you can click the "Only show volunteers that pass | this filter..." box. Once this box opens, you have a large variety of options for filtering that can be used independently or stacked: 


NoteCustom fields are set up by the MSP admin at your church and are only available with the Plus edition. You may not have custom fields at your church. 

6. Click OK to apply your filter. The list of volunteers will now only show volunteers who match the specified criteria. 

7. To see all volunteers, simply remove the filter from the list by deleting the characters in the search bar or un-checking the filter box. 


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