Recommendations for Posting and Printing Schedules at Multilingual Churches


When exporting schedules or creating Live Schedule Posts within MSP, we can specify that only certain services are included in our exported schedule or Live Schedule Post. In this article, we will discuss recommendations for exporting only the ministries corresponding to a particular language. One thing to keep in mind is we will still need to create one schedule for all ministries and services -- regardless of language -- at the same time, because we cannot have more than one master schedule for a given time period.

For example, let's say our church has both English-language ministries and Spanish-language ministries. By using the controls in the Export Schedule dialog box (when exporting schedules) and the Online layout and options dialog box (when creating Live Schedule Posts) we can easily choose to export only English-language ministries or only Spanish-language ministries.

In the Included Ministries section, select only the ministries that correspond to the particular language we would like to export. For example, if we have an English Ministries folder containing our English ministries, we will want to click to select that folder (if not using folders, we can select our English-language ministries one at a time). If we are exporting a Live Schedule Post and only want volunteers in the English-speaking ministries to be able to see this schedule, we can also select "Only show this schedule to volunteers in the included ministries":


This will export a schedule or create a Live Schedule Post containing only the English ministries.

Once we have exported our English-only schedule or created our English-only Live Schedule Post, we can then repeat the process with the Spanish-language ministries to export a schedule or create a Live Schedule Post for the Spanish-language ministries.


Note: After the first time we set this up, the next time we make a schedule Live, we can choose to clone our Live Schedule Posts from the previous schedule. "Cloning" means we are taking the same settings from the last schedule’s Live Schedule Posts and applying that to the new schedule, essentially bypassing this setup step on subsequent schedules and saving time!

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