Adding "can't serve times" for a schedule that has already been finalized


By default, MSP will block your volunteers from adding can't serve times that occur during a schedule which has had the auto-scheduler run on it, even if the auto-scheduler has not yet been run for all ministries. This is because assignments have already been made, and adding a can't serve time does not remove volunteers from the schedule. Instead, if volunteers are scheduled when they are unavailable, they should request a sub. 

However, in some instances, it is necessary to allow your volunteers to submit can't serve times for an already finalized schedule. This might occur if you run different ministries on separate schedule lengths, or if you are adding in special services to a completed schedule. 

In those cases, you can allow volunteers to submit can't serve times for already finalized dates by: 

  1. Go to the Web Terminal pane
  2. Click on Web Terminal Settings
  3. Choose Profile Changes
  4. Under Profile Changes, click on Can't Serve Times
  5. Check the box that reads, "Allow volunteers to submit can't serve times for dates that have already been scheduled"
  6. Click OK and then Commit Changes

Once you have finished allowing volunteers to submit those times, it is important to remember to go back and turn that setting off again. 

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