How can I edit a Ministry Leader's privileges?


Ministry Leader privileges are edited from within the Ministry Leader section of the Web Terminal settings window.

  1. Go to the Web Terminal pane in MSP and click on the "Web Terminal settings…” button visible from the Home tab.
  2. Click on the Ministry Leaders section on the left-hand side of the Web Terminal settings window.
  3. If you have not already done so, declare your Ministry Leader(s).
  4. To edit privileges for a specific Ministry Leader, click in the Privileges line and check or uncheck privileges from the drop-down list that appears:

What each privilege means:

  • Request subs - This setting allows Ministry Leaders to submit sub requests on behalf of the volunteers in their ministries from within the Schedule pane of the Admin tab online.
  • Edit assignments - This setting allows Ministry Leaders to add and remove volunteers from positions shown in the Schedule pane, as well as flag volunteers as no shows or extras for a position.
  • Edit service plans - This setting allows Ministry Leaders to make changes to the service plan pages in the Web Terminal
  • Submit profile changes - This setting allows Ministry Leaders to edit volunteer profiles the way administrators do in the desktop MSP software. Ministry Leaders will only be able to add/remove ministries and services times which they are leader over according to the settings box above. All changes come in and are processed as web forms. Only Ministry Leaders with this ability will have access to the Volunteers pane in the Admin tab online.
  • Send emails - This setting allows Ministry Leaders to send emails to volunteers in their ministries from the Announcements pane of the Admin tab.
  • Send text messages - This setting allows Ministry Leaders to send text messages to volunteers in their ministries from the Announcements pane.
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