Can I allow my EMs to choose their assignment when they check in to the Kiosk?


Although the Kiosk is not set up to do this, we have had a few requests about it, and have come up with a work-around as our developers ponder this request. 

Here is how our idea works: 

Set up subdivisions for a new EM sign in ministry (separate from the EM ministry where volunteers are assigned in advance)


  1. Click "New..." to create a new subdivision
  2. In the area on the right for Qualified Volunteers, click the "Add..." button
  3. Use the "Filter list with..." option at the bottom of the list
  4. In the filter, select "Have any of the following ministry qualifications" and make sure it says Qualified next to the original EM ministry
  5. Click OK
  6. Select all of the people now in the list and click OK
  7. Create additional subdivisions for each location position
  8. Click OK to save these new subdivisions

Make sure this subdivision can be scheduled in combination with all of the other EM subdivisions

  1. Now go back in to edit the original EM ministry
  2. Click the "This ministry may be scheduled in combination with..."box
  3. Choose to schedule in combo with all of the other EM Check In subdivisions "Only when needed"

Add the positions for the new ministry to the Schedule

  1. If you want to include this on a schedule that is already created, open the schedule and minimize it so it is still open but not in your way
  2. Go to the Service Time pane 
  3. Edit the services where you need people to be able to select their positions and add 1 volunteer in each of the places where you need a volunteer at that service
    NOTE: The number of EM positions should equal the number of EM Sign In positions or you will wind up with too many or too few volunteers
  4. Repeat for any other services where this is needed

Now we need to be careful no one thinks those positions need to be filled prior to service. 

Hide the positions from the Live Schedule Posts

  1. Go to the Web Terminal pane
  2. Click on the Full Schedules tab
  3. Click on the Live Schedule Post
  4. Click the "Settings..." button to the right
  5. Click on Included Ministries
  6. Remove the EM Sign In ministry from this list
  7. Click OK and "Commit Changes"

And from the app

  1. Go to the Web Terminal pane
  2. Click on the My Schedule tab
  3. Click the "Token options..." button
  4. Uncheck the box in the lower right that reads "Show only tokens that are included in the content of this tab"
  5. Click on All Available Positions on the left
  6. On the right, Choose the "Include only these ministries:" box and list all ministries except the EM Sign In ministry
  7. You can also do the Unfilled Positions token here, in case you decide to use that token in the future, but it isn't necessary unless you plan to use it for something
  8. Click OK

And prevent anyone from being able to sign up for them onlinemceclip5.png

  1. Go to the Web Terminal pane​
  2. Click the "Web Terminal settings" button
  3. Click on Assignments
  4. Click the box that says "Only allow self sign up in these ministries:" and choose everything except EM Sign In
  5. Click OK and "Commit Changes"

And we need to make sure we do not fill them when we run the auto-scheduler:

  1. When you click to run the auto-scheduler, choose the 2nd option: "All empty positions in just particular ministries..." and click Continue
  2. Now choose the ministries you want to schedule (and do NOT choose the EM Sign In ministry)


Now we see the magic happen at sign in time.

When an EM volunteer arrives, they check in to TWO places: the general position where they were scheduled and the subdivision for the spot where they want to serve. 


However, this is not a perfect solution as the attendance data will then be misaligned to count each volunteer as having served twice in the same service when they did not. So, you either have to delete duplicates or know about that when you are looking at attendance totals. 

Additionally, if you have a lot of EM positions to fill, this list can get quite long. 

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