How can I combine separate ministries into one ministry with subdivisions?



  1. Click on the ministry which should be grouped with another.
  2. Click the "Combine..." button on the right side
  3. Click Continue in the box that appears
  4. Click on the other ministry that should be grouped with the first selected ministry.

This will then create a ministry with subdivisions:


After doing this, it might make sense to rename the ministry or subdivisions to be clearer or more concise. 


  1. Click "Edit Ministry..."
  2. You can rename the ministry in the field at the top of the window
  3. To rename a subdivision, click on the subdivision so it is highlighted in blue and then click the "Edit..." button below the subdivisions box
  4. To change what you see as an administrator, update the "Internal name:" field
  5. To change what the volunteers see on the Web Terminal, edit the "Schedule label:" field
  6. Click OK
  7. Repeat as necessary for the other subdivisions
  8. Click OK
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