How do I import my MSP volunteers into a Unison group?

To get your MSP members into a Unison group, we'll export them from MSP using the Rosterizer, and then import that sheet into a Unison group. 

Export from MSP

  1. In MSP, go to the Rosterizer on the left side of the program window.
  2. In the Rosterizer headings in the upper left side, let's set these as such:
    Included Ministries: Include all
    Included Volunteers: Include all (un-check both of the "Omit" options at the bottom)
    Included Fields: we want to include Full Name, Email, and potentially Cell if you'd like to be able to text members.
    List Arrangement: "Group volunteers into one long list" and no other boxes should be checked here (beyond the alphabetize one, that is OK to leave checked).
    Name Modifiers: uncheck all boxes here
    Document Settings: set the format to Excel at the top.
  3. Click the "Generate Roster" button and save this spreadsheet to your computer, like on the desktop or your My Documents folder.

Add to Unison

  1. Log in or Sign Up for a Unison account, and create a new group.
  2. From your new group, click the "+" icon  in the upper right and choose to "Add members..."
  3. Below the area where we can type in addresses, click the "import members" link, and we can import this file.
You can choose if you wish to notify everyone via email as soon as they have been added by checking the boxes at the bottom, or else add everyone first, and they will be notified when you send your first card (or choose to send them a message from Unison).
Unison is different from MSP in a very cool way; these members will not necessarily need to create a password to log in to receive notifications and communications from you. By uploading their email and names and perhaps cell numbers, we can email people, invite them to events using RSVP's, or ask them to take a poll, all without them needing to create a password and remember another login.
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