How can I turn on automatic processing for web forms?


1. Click on the "Web Terminal Settings..." button at the top

2. Click on the Profile Changes heading on the left - you will notice this dialog has a heading on the left related to every type of form that a volunteer can submit online.

3. Changing anything on the My Profile tab results in a Profile Change form. In this dialog after you click on Profile Changes, check the second option that says, "Automatically process profile change forms."

4. Then click OK. In the future, all profile changes will be processed automatically.

You can explore the other headings in his dialog to check if other forms are set to be processed automatically as well. These include: 

  • Enrollment Forms where new volunteers sign up (You can also specify only Enrollment forms that have notes require manual processing by clicking on Notes after setting Enrollment forms to process automatically)
  • Assignment Forms where volunteers request to fill unfilled positions
  • Swap/Trade Requests and Accepts (where volunteers sub for each other or trade positions)
  • Profile Change Forms (Again, you can set for only changes with Notes to be processed manually)
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