What is the difference between the Sign-in Station and Clipboard modes?


The Kiosk can be used in two main interfaces: as a sign-in station, or as a clipboard that a friendly face can use to check people in.

To use the Kiosk in the sign-in station mode, launch the Kiosk on a device available for volunteers to approach. Volunteers can walk up to the "Welcome" screen, click the Start button at the lower right corner of the screen, then type in their name and confirm their assigned position or select an open position to fill in for.

To use the Kiosk in the clipboard mode, launch the Kiosk and click the "Status" button in the upper right corner of the screen. Alternately, you can choose "Use clipboard mode if there is just one service open for check-in" in the Web Terminal Settings to default to this mode. Then you only have to click Start to open the clipboard. From this screen you can work from a list of assigned volunteers to click on a name and confirm the volunteer has arrived. You can also click on an open position or a volunteer's name who has requested a sub (their name will appear in yellow) to enter the name of the volunteer who will fill in for them.

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