How do I add special services to the Open Positions section of the app?


The Open Positions section of the app is controlled by the AllAvailablePositions token inside MSP. To edit which services appear in this tab: 

1. Go to the Web Terminal pane in MSP

2. Click on the My Schedule tab

3. Click on the "Token Options..." button

4. In the Token Options window, click on All Available Positions in the list on the left (if this is not visible, uncheck the box to the left of "Cancel" that reads "Show only tokens that are included in the content of this tab)

5. Here, you can set the following: 

  • Choose the time frame for which positions appear (today forward, only the next # of weeks, or in a specific date range)
  • Choose which ministries appear
  • Choose which services appear
  • Only include services for which this volunteer can serve (based on their service preferences)

6. Click OK and Commit Changes when you are ready to save your changes


In the case of special services, you will want to check the following:

1. Does the date range you have listed include the special services you want people to see? 

  • The best setting here is to include all available positions from today forward so that volunteers can see and sign up for all open positions. 

2. Are the appropriate ministries and services available for volutneers to sign up?

  • Especially if you restrict any services, you will want to make sure that new services you create are included in this list. 

3. Is the volunteer able to serve at this position? 

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