How do I add special services to the Open Positions section of the app?


The Open Positions section of the app is controlled by the AllAvailablePositions token inside MSP.

To make sure special services appear in this tab: 

  1. Go to the Web Terminal pane in MSP
  2. Click on the My Schedule tab
  3. Click on the "Token options..." button
  4. In the Token Options window, click on All Available Positions in the list on the left (if this is not visible, uncheck the box to the left of "Cancel" that reads "Show only tokens that are included in the content of this tab")
  5. In this window, make sure that the settings do not have the "Include only these services:" box checked
  6. Also make sure the box that says "Include only positions in services at which this volunteers can serve" is not checked
  7. Click OK and Commit Changes

Alternately, if you do not want volunteers seeing positions in services outside of their preferred services but DO want them to see the special services, you can change the way special services are handles from the Scheduler Settings: 

  1. Open the schedule
  2. Click on the Schedule menu
  3. Go to Scheduler Settings
  4. At the bottom, choose the option "Schedule any volunteer for any special service (regardless of his or her service preferences)"
  5. Click OK

Note that although this will allow any volunteer to sign up for special services from the app, it will also allow the auto-scheduler to place any volunteer in this position, so use this setting with caution. 

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