Scheduling the same volunteer on multiple (but not all) services in a week


Do volunteers in a ministry serve multiple services on a Sunday, but you have a different person for Saturday? Or do you schedule your volunteers so there is one set to serve on M/W/F and another set on T/Th? If you need to schedule in blocks within a ministry, but not for every day in the week, we have a solution for you! 

The key to this setup is to use block scheduling in combination with subdivisions to accomplish your goal. 

Let's take a look at this using the example of daily services where one set of volunteers do M/W/F and the other does T/Th. 

1. In the Ministries pane, create or edit your ministry to have several subdivisions. (If you already have a schedule going and are adding subdivisions, be sure to look at this article to make sure you are doing it correctly!)

For this example, we are going to have one main subdivision with all of our volunteers, a second subdivision for M/W/F, and a third for T/Th. 

2. Turn on block scheduling for the subdivisions that you want to have all the same volunteer in the Edit Ministry window. 

In this example, I will turn on block scheduling for my M/W/F and T/Th subdivisions but not the main subdivision (which I will use for my weekend services). They will read "Schedule this subdivision in one week blocks". 

3. In the Service Times pane, set up your services so each service pulls from the proper subdivision.

In this example, all services on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will require 2 volunteers from the M/W/F subdivision, and services on Tuesday and Thursday will require the T/Th subdivision. My weekend services will pull from the main subdivision. 

4. Create a new schedule. 

When you run the auto-scheduler, your volunteers will be scheduled in blocks! 

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