Give Offline Volunteers a Printed Copy of the "Schedule Finalized" Email


When sending out the “schedule finalized” email to all of your volunteers, you can choose to also print a copy for your volunteers who are not online. In the Emailer pane, select "Print" and then "Copies for those without internet access”. 

A few tips as you do this: 

  • You can delete the last paragraph about the app, as those volunteers will likely not need that information. This will give you more room for other information.
  • You can also enlarge the font so those who have a harder time with small print will be able to easily read it. Select the entire section of text and then use the "Size" option just above the text to choose an appropriate size. 
  • If you won't see the volunteer in person, use the Mailing Labels pane to easily send the schedule in the mail. Just check the option "Do not include volunteers who have internet access" and you will only print to those who are offline. 
  • A copy of the full schedule can also be created. Open the schedule and go to File - Export Schedule to include a copy of the full schedule when mailing offline volunteers or to post in the church.  
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