What is the difference between the Online and Plus Editions?


For a comparison of features, please see the MSP website

The major differences in the Plus Edition are: 

  1. Sign-In Kiosk: Track attendance easily and accurately. Volunteers can sign in when they show up to serve with just a few clicks. Leaders can see exactly who has checked in, both at the service and after the fact, for simple reporting and follow up.
  2. Leaders: Allow certain volunteers additional administrative privileges in their ministry, including the ability to make changes to assignments, edit volunteer profiles, and email volunteers in their ministry, without the need to download the full program. 
  3. Custom Fields: Track additional volunteer information such as background checks, training dates, and more.
  4. Ministry Folders: Help to organize your ministries into folders by location, department, or however you see fit.
  5. Group Scheduling: Schedule a group of volunteers using only one volunteer profile. 
  6. API: Whether you’re a church, diocese, denomination, or even a software company, our public API empowers you to harness MSP’s data for any application. 

For more information on the Plus edition, contact us at 888-622-0949! 

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