How do I email my volunteers so they can sign up for special services?


Emailing the special services to your volunteers can be done in several ways, but we recommend creating a Live Schedule Post just for your special services and sending that to your volunteers. Here's how: 

  1. In the open schedule, go to File and click on "Create additional Live Schedule Post..."
  2. Click on Included Services in the Online layout and options box that appears and select the special services you want to add to the Live Schedule Post.
  3. Save the Live Schedule Post and name it something that will identify it as the special services to you and volunteers.
  4. In the Announcements, send your volunteers an email letting them know about the open positions using the specific Live Schedule Post from the Token menu under Live Schedule Post Links. It will be named {{LiveSchedulePost:name}} where the name of the Live Schedule Post you chose is displayed. 

Once the email is sent, volunteers will be able to click on the name of the Live Schedule Post in the email and view all available positions. 

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